Ladies Facials Treatments


Sports Massage

Freshen up facial

A relaxing and hydrating facial that leaves your skin feeling revitalised and refreshed

£30 for 30 minutes

Purexpert Re-balance

This helps to provide the skin with a clean, healthy and may appearance. It is a facial to reduce oiliness and spots which is perfect for young and teenage skin or anyone that is suffering with blemishes. Using Germain De Capiccini

£55 for 1 hour

Aox clinical peel

Is an exfoliant that renews the skin with a highly anti-oxidising effect. Some visible results are improved skin texture, reduced line and wrinkles and reduced imperfections such as scars.

Using Germaine De Capuccini products

£40 for 40 minutes

Mini Masks

An on-the-go treatment to freshen the face. Includes an exfoliation, face mask and moisturiser. We have a range of masks to suit different skin types – Hydrating, Anti-Ageing, Sensitive and Blemish Control

£15 for 15 minutes

Blackhead Buster

An on-the-go treatment to deep clean the skin and minimise the appearance of black heads. Includes an exfoliation, Charcoal Mask and moisturiser.

£15 for 15 minutes

Time Expert C+ Facial 

Using the powerful duo of pure vitamin C and ume extract designed to battle dullness, breakouts and pre mature ageing of the skin. Perfect for all skin types.

£55 for 1 Hour

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